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**Sign up for dinner with Dr. Ross here**

BME Dinners is the opportunity for all BME students to network with members of the BME community, learn about life, and simply enjoy the company of their fellow BME students and faculty. Faculty/staff members volunteer to host dinners with the purpose of sharing good food and conversation at no cost to student attendees. The format of the events can range from a home cooked meal at a host's home or dinner at a restaurant. Benefits for students include: 


  • Meeting with BME faculty and staff in a relaxed, informal setting 

  • Establishing connections beyond immediate peer or academic groups 

  • Developing a higher comfort level networking with faculty 

  • Gaining a better understanding of the Biomedical Engineering field 


Hosts and participants not only get to know each other on a deeper level, but also act as role models by sharing life experiences and advice with students while teaching them how to succeed at Tech and beyond. Ultimately, BME Dinners is another way the BME Learning Commons looks to unite the BME Department and bridge the gap between students and faculty.


Fall 2017 BME Dinners Schedule:

  • Dr. Ross Ethier (9/17) - Georgia Research Alliance Lawrence L. Gellerstedt, Jr. Eminent Scholar in Bioengineering, Professor

  • Dr. Susan Margulies (9/26) - Wallace H. Coulter Chair of the Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering, and Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Injury Biomechanics

  • Sally Gerrish (10/18) - Corporate Relations Manager

  • Dr. Machelle Pardue (10/22) - Professor

  • Paul Fincannon (11/5) - Academic Advising Manager

  • Dr. Gabe Kwong (11/19) - Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Kyla Ross (12/3) - Director of Graduate Training

How to participate?

​Throughout the year, sign-ups for Dinners will be posted on this page and the Biomedical Engineering Facebook group, as well as emailed out by Paul Fincannon.

The following professors have all previously hosted dinners: 

  • Drs. Tom and Shannon Barker 

  • Dr. Essy Behravesh 

  • Dr. Paul Benkeser 

  • Dr. Edward Botchwey 

  • Dr. Ross Ethier

  • Marty Jacobsen 

  • Drs. Charles and Melissa Kemp 

  • Dr. Wilbur Lam

  • John Lau

  • Dr. Michelle LaPlaca 

  • Dr. Joe Le Doux

  • Dr. Wendy Newstetter

  • Dr. Pamela Pollet 

  • Raja Schaar 

  • Dr. Lena Ting  

  • Dr. Denis Tsygankov

  • Dr. May Wang


BME Dinners

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